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Rafał Kuźlik MD, PhD

Rafał Kuźlik M.D Ph.D

Specialist in reconstructive and plastic gynecology

Rafal Kuzlik MD, Ph.D. is a specialist in gynecology, obstetrics and aesthetic gynecology with over twenty years of professional experience and one of the most recommended gynecologists in Poland. He is the author of 3 unique surgical techniques: "One Cut Technique” and linear Z technique – simultaneous reduction of labia minora and clitoral hood, and „Double O technique”- repositioning of the clitoris. He is co-author of three books edited in Polish: „Plastic Gynecology”, „Physiotherapy after plastic surgical procedures” and „Minimally invasive techniques in plastic gynecology”.

Dr. Rafal Kuzlik published many scientific papers in the field of cosmetic gynecology and received many certificates confirming participation in numerous courses and trainings. His patients come from all over world. He consults patients and conducts surgeries in many places in the world, including Dubai, Moscow and Scotland. He performs every year live presentations during numerous congresses all over the world.