Hands-on Surgery Courses



Each with maximum
of 4 doctors.


Two Days
of Surgery

Live operations and full-time video presentations.


  • Labia minora reduction
  • Vaginoplasty (vaginal tightening)
  • Rectoplasty (anodermal resection)
  • Techniques of reconstractive surgery
  • Non surgical techniques of vaginal and vulvar rejuvenation
  • Local anesthesia in plastic gynecology – practical approach "What, when, how"
  • Proper technique for proper anatomy. "Why should plastic gynecologist know different modalities when approaching surgery"
  • Labia majora plasty (reduction and augmentation)
  • Perineoplasty
  • Liposuction of mons pubis
  • Anatomy for plastic Gynecologists "What do we really cut, catch and suture"
  • Suture materials designed for plastic gynecology
  • Cutting & coagulating - "From knife and scissors to RF and lasers"
  • Patients preparation and dealing before and after surgery

Our Faculty


Rafał Kuźlik M.D Ph.D

Specialist in reconstructive and plastic gynecology

Rafal Kuzlik MD, Ph.D. is a specialist in gynecology, obstetrics and aesthetic gynecology with over twenty years of professional experience and one of the most recommended gynecologists in Poland. He is the author of the method called "One Cut Technique" – surgery of the labia. The technique was recognized at the International Conference of Plastic Gynecology in Rome.


Dr. Rafal Kuzlik published many scientific papers in the field of gynecological surgery and cosmetic surgery and received many certificates confirming participation in numerous courses and training. His patients come from all over Europe, Russia, Israel, and Japan. He consulted patients and conducted surgeries in Aesthetic & Plastic Gynecology on  "Secrets of the surgery".  A medical TV program carried out by Dr. Szczyt’s Department of Plastic Surgery and TVN Style.

Available Training Sessions

14th Sept. 2018

19th Oct. 2018

30th Nov. 2018

31st Dec. 2018

18th Jan. 2019

All sessions take palace in Warsaw, Poland.
The specific location will be disclosed on a later occasion.

Contact us: info@paprg.pl